One-upping Octomom
A Mexican woman is reportedly pregnant with nonuplets — that's nine babies. [Newser]

Playing fetch
A new study finds that, just like humans, dogs experience the mood-lifting phenomenon known as "runner's high." [Discovery News]

Kids proving their sophistication
New research finds that the plastic toys found in Happy Meals aren't a major draw for kids anymore. [Consumerist]


Sacrificial lambs
Two German art students construct a fluorescent guillotine and encourage the internet to vote on whether a lamb should live or die by it. [The Daily What]

Age-appropriate presentations
The children of State Department workers are subjected to a racy Q&A about the Secret Service prostitution scandal on "Take Your Child to Work Day." [Reuters]

The Biebs' global outreach
Justin Bieber infuriates Indonesian fans by referring to Indonesia as "some random country" where he recorded a track for his upcoming album. [Gawker]

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