Northeastern non-aggression
A new report names Maine the most peaceful state in the union, with Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island all ranking in the top 10. [Newser]

Meeting your meat
A German entrepreneur launches a web project that allows diners to see the face of the pig they are about to eat. [Global Post]

Communal cry-fests
"I Cried," a new Google Chrome extension, lets users see how many people admitted to sobbing through any sentimental YouTube video. [TIME]


21st century moonshine
A group of California teens ends up in the hospital after drinking highly concentrated alcohol they extracted from hand sanitizer. [Huffington Post]

Pizza purists
Pizza Hut tops its hot dog-stuffed crust by offering a new pizza that features a cheeseburger and chicken nugget-stuffed crust. [Consumerist]

Your virtual self-worth
Facebook's recent filings reveal that each user is worth a mere $4.81 a year to the company. [BuzzFeed

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