Small business
A Los Angeles pinball shop donates one of its machines to Caine's Arcade, a local 9-year-old's "meticulously crafted" cardboard arcade. [The Daily What]

A new study sponsored by the Swedish government claims that banning texting while driving would not decrease the risk of car crashes.  [Gawker]

Saving the whales
A new iPad and iPhone app uses GPS to tell mariners where endangered whales are located to help prevent whale-ship collisions. [Discovery News]


Opportunistic marketing
KFC apologizes for telling frightened Thailand citizens they should "hurry home" during a tsunami scare, but not before ordering their favorite KFC menu item. [Global Post

Healthy body images
Pop star Lady Gaga comes under fire from eating-disorder activists after starting a #PopSingersDontEat hashtag on Twitter. [Newser]

The food chain
Test results confirm that rat poison intended to rid New York City of its rodent problem is subsequently killing the city's healthy hawks, who eat the rodents. [Gothamist]

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