Pimping your case
A man accused of running a prostitution ring tries to turn his trial into a media event so he can generate interest in a potential movie or book deal. [The New York Times]

Improbable comebacks
FX releases the first promo for Anger Management, a television spin-off starring Charlie Sheen in the role Jack Nicholson undertook in the big-screen version. [Gawker

Pub trivia fanatics
According to a new study, men who drink two pints of beer while solving brain teasers perform better than their sober counterparts. [Daily News]


Getting your hopes up
UCLA mistakenly sends acceptance letters to 894 students who are actually only on the waitlist. [Business Insider]

Practicing what you preach
Self-proclaimed fiscal conservative Newt Gingrich fails to get on the Utah presidential ballot after his campaign bounces a check for $500. [Death and Taxes

The Immaterial Girl
Sales of Madonna's new album take a nosedive, saddling MDNA with the biggest second-week sales drop in U.S. chart history. [Huffington Post]

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