Going in for the kill
Mattel introduces a Katniss Everdeen Barbie, modeled after the fearless, tomboyish heroine in The Hunger Games. [Entertainment Weekly]

Chillin' expansively
Eighteen-year-old Justin Bieber buys his first house, a 9,000-square-foot mansion, for $6 million. [The Stir]

Swedish balls
In a gutsy move, Ikea announces plans to build a 27-acre neighborhood on the outskirts of London. [BuzzFeed]


The gold-digger stereotype
Women are now more likely to marry a man beneath them in status than they are to "marry up," according to a new study. [Newser]

Appetizing television
Angry Greek protesters throw yogurt and eggs at a local newscaster as he interviews the spokesman for a far-right political organization. [Huffington Post

Fromage-fond Frenchmen
Health-conscious French President Nicolas Sarkozy eliminates the traditional post-meal cheese course in his home. [TIME]

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