Digital bookworms
A Pew report finds that e-book users read more than those who stick to the printed page. [Business Insider]

Social-media-savvy celebs
The world gawks at Beyonce's perfection on her newly created Tumblr page, which features personal photos from her honeymoon with Jay-Z. [BuzzFeed]

The tabloids
Kanye West releases a new song, "Theraflu," that's rife with details about his personal life, including a lyric about falling in love with Kim Kardashian. [Huffington Post]


Drawing the line
Americans in 30 households could find themselves living in a new state as the Carolinas attempt to clarify their borders. [The New York Times]

Life imitating Hollywood
In a terrifyingly real Snakes On A Plane moment, an Australian pilot is forced to ground a flight when he discovers a snake in the cockpit. [Consumerist

Trusting the Genius Bar
Despite claims that Mac computers are immune to viruses, 600,000 Apple computers are stricken by malware known as the "Flashback Trojan." [TIME

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