Playing doctor
A study finds that if you put on a white coat that you believe is a doctor's, your ability to pay attention sharply increases. If you think the coat belongs to a painter? No benefit. [The New York Times]

One lucky damsel in distress
Ryan Gosling reportedly saves a pedestrian's life by pulling her out of the way of oncoming traffic. [The Frisky]

Playing by the rules
A bank teller foils a woman's plans of robbery by telling her that the bank is closed and she should return the next day. [Huffington Post]


The chocolate-averse
A worldwide shortage of vanilla bean could increase the cost of vanilla ice cream by as much as 10 percent. [TIME]

Apple elitists
Angry iPhone users lament on Twitter that popular photo-sharing app Instagram is less desirable now that Android users have it, too. [BuzzFeed]

Owning up
Actor Tracy Morgan opens his car door into a cyclist... and blames the cyclist for wearing a difficult-to-see, all-black outfit. [New York Post]

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