Burning bridges
Greg Smith, the Goldman Sachs executive who announced his resignation in a devastating New York Times op-ed, lands a $1.5 million book deal. [Reuters]

Blind faith
A blind man successfully takes Google's new self-driving car for a test drive to pick up his dry cleaning and grab a snack at Taco Bell. [Slate]

The hipster defense
Lawyers find that having defendants wear thick-framed glasses in the courtroom makes them less intimidating and more likely to be let off the hook. [TIME]


Spare change
To save millions of dollars, Canada begins phasing out the penny. [Newser]

The odds being ever in your favor
The Mega Millions lottery jackpot soars to an estimated $640 million, while the odds of winning dwindle to roughly 1 in 176 million. [The Daily]

Pet cows
A closer look at cattle DNA reveals that the animals are almost impossible to domesticate. [Discovery News]

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