Our Apple overlords
A new survey finds that half of all U.S. households own at least one Apple product. [USA Today]

Anxious twenty-somethings
A report finds that 70 percent of people over 40 said they were not truly happy until the age of 33. [Business Insider]

Being the bigger person
New York Knicks star Jeremy Lin is spotted lunching with the fired ESPN editor responsible for the infamous "chink in the armor" headline. [Newser]


Getting away with it
News leaks that the 9/11 memorial CEO skipped last month's ceremony honoring the 1993 World Trade Center bombing victims in favor of a ski trip. [Gothamist]

Tween know-it-alls
Research finds that primary school homework has no real benefits, and that only high school students benefit from after-school work. [Gawker]

That last shred of privacy
In the future, advertisers will reportedly be able to track your eye movements over a computer screen in real time, analyzing what you're be thinking based on blinks and pupil dilations. [Slate]

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