Going from late night to primetime
Comedian Jimmy Kimmel is chosen to host the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards this September. [Huffington Post]

Zero-gravity games
Angry Birds Space reaches a colossal 10 million downloads in less than three days. [The Loop]

Getting back at Google
Google is told to suspend its auto-complete search feature after a man files an injunction because a search for his name was repeatedly linking him to a crime he didn't commit. [Digital Trends]


Keeping an open mind at the movies
Angry Hunger Games moviegoers issued an onslaught of racist tweets complaining that one of the film's characters was black, not white as the book had led them to imagine. [BuzzFeed]

Impatient passengers
Spurred by Alec Baldwin's infamous tantrum, New York City's three main airports announce plans to fine travelers who cause delays on the tarmac. [Consumerist]

Overbearing Easter egg hunters
Colorado Springs cancels plans for its annual Easter egg hunt, noting that competitive parents couldn't resist jumping in the race to help their children last year. [Newser]

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