Starbucks devotees
The coffee chain announces it will start selling single-cup home coffee machines that let people brew lattes and other drinks. [USA Today]

Volvo is adding a pedestrian detection system to 2013 models that uses radar in the car's front grill and a camera mounted on the rear-view mirror to identify objects in the car's path. [Discovery News]

Survival stories
A woman is found alive after being lost in New Mexico's Gila National Forest for nearly a month. Her cat, who stayed with her, was also alive. [Newser]


Mental breakdowns
An American Airlines flight attendant was taken to the hospital for evaluation after announcing over a jet's speaker system that the plane would crash if it took off, understandably alarming passengers. [The Consumerist]

Cheap eats
McDonald's announces that small orders of fries and small drinks will soon be bumped from the Dollar Menu. [TIME]

Fracking fans
Regulators conclude that at least a dozen recent earthquakes in the northeast part of Ohio were caused by hydraulic fracturing used in the process of drilling for gas. [BuzzFeed]

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