The enigmatic McRib is back — and, this time, it's popped up overseas in an even less sensible incarnation known as the McRibster. McDonald's updated version of the cult-favorite sandwich, is a far cry from the typical sauce-slathered pig innards on bread. Will McRib purists salivate or cry foul? Here's what you should know:

What's the difference between the McRib and McRibster? 
The classic McRib is a sauce-drenched processed pork sandwich with onion and pickle fixings. The McRibster, on the other hand, is a "monster of a novelty sandwich," says Paul Forbes at Eater. The new version boasts a breaded pork patty that's deep fried, then topped with bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, red onion, honey mustard, and sweet chili sauce, all stuffed into a bun. We're pretty sure that ingredient list translates into "heart attack," says the Huffington Post

Where can I get it?
You'd better buy a plane ticket, because the McRibster is only available in Europe. The sandwich made its debut in Austria this week, and will be available there until March 27. Austria makes sense, says Molly Aronica at The Daily Meal. "The McRibster seems closer to schnitzel, a classic Austrian dish consisting of pork cutlets." (Fat fact: Germany is the only country where the classic McRib is available 365 days a year.)

Any chance it will make its way stateside?
Perhaps. The McRibster already has its own Facebook page, and American fans of the original are hoping the deep-fried version will hop the Atlantic. "Why can't we get one here?" bemoans Chris Morran at The Consumerist, who makes an open appeal to readers who've sampled the McRibster to report back on its pleasures.

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