Apple fanatics
The tech giant officially announces an upcoming March 7 event, at which Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 3. [The Loop]

Equine survival
A horse is rescued from a muddy Australian beach after three hours of struggling in mud up to its neck. [The Guardian]

Child safety
Federal regulators announce a new rule requiring all new cars have rearview cameras by 2014 to prevent drivers from backing up over children. [Newser]


Taking home the gold
The winner of the Cowtown Marathon in Fort Worth, Texas, is disqualified because he didn't officially register before running the race. [Yahoo]

The working man
A new study shows that having a bad boss increases an employee's risk of heart attack and heart disease. [TIME]

Struggling sleepers
Researchers say taking sleeping pills can increase a patient's risk of early death by a factor of five. [The Daily Mail]

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