A walk
According to a new study, physically active people have lower chances of developing Alzheimer's disease. []

Hitting the jackpot... twice
A CNN producer wins $1 million on a scratch-off lottery ticket, three months after winning $100,000 on a different game. [Huffington Post]

Being immortalized
Mattel announces it will make Prince William and Kate Middleton Barbie dolls. [Global Post]


The Colbert Nation
Stephen Colbert abruptly halts production of new episodes of The Colbert Report due to "unforeseen circumstances," also reported as a "family emergency." [The Daily What]

Well-meaning mothers
A new study finds that organic baby formulas, cereals and other foods made with organic brown rice syrup contain high amounts of arsenic. [Discovery News]

E-cigarette sales
An electronic cigarette explodes in a Florida man's mouth, knocking out all of his teeth and leaving him with severe burns. [Newser]

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