Internet addicts
A tech firm introduces a "spray-on wi-fi" that can boost phone reception and "turn just about anything into an antenna." [Discovery News]

The steak lover in your life
A butcher in the U.K. creates the "Steak Bouquet": A bunch of roses made out of meat, for men who don't want cards or chocolates on Valentine's Day. [The Daily What]

A new poll reveals that one in 10 Words With Friends players say the game has "directly led to a hookup." [VentureBeat]


Malaysia's government commemorates Valentine's Day by raiding motels and arresting more than 80 Muslims for sharing rooms with their lovers. [Death & Taxes]

Baby talk
New research suggests that babies can understand much of what adults say to them by the time they are 6 months old. [io9]

Childhood innocence
A father in Utah accidentally plays a pornographic video instead of "The Smurfs" at his kid's birthday party. [Associated Press]

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