Martha Stewart
The domestic doyenne's chow chow, Ghenghis Khan, wins best in his breed at the Westminster Dog Show. [BuzzFeed]

Working from home
A new study finds that people who work long hours in the office have increased levels of toxic chemicals in their blood. [Discovery News]

Unconventional romance
A Chinese zoo announces the engagement of an inseparable ram and deer. The two will be "married" on Valentine's Day. [Newser]


Untimely price hikes
Critics savage Apple after the tech giant increases the cost of Whitney Houston's albums on iTunes a mere 30 minutes after news of her death broke. [Opposing Views]

The living dead
A South Carolina man is denied a loan for a new home because Bank of America reported him dead in 2009. [The Consumerist]

Music history
A barrage of tweets from youngsters watching the Grammys suggest that many of them don't know who Paul McCartney is. [The Daily What]

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