Italy's controversy-prone former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he has no plans of returning to politics, despite a flurry of rumors to the contrary. [Financial Times]

Flouting authority
Hacker group Anonymous releases a 17-minute clip of an FBI conference call it tapped. During the call, investigators discuss plans to arrest some of Anonymous' vigilantes. [Wired]

Pranking the police
After allowing prison inmates to create official cop-cruiser decals, Vermont State police realize that one widely circulated decal includes the image of a pig hiding in plain sight. [The Daily What]


Separation of church and state
An Alabama lawmaker cites "Biblical principle" when explaining why he thinks public school teachers should not be paid more. [Newser]

Animal rights
A German official says her country is seeing a rise in "animal brothels," and that bestiality has become a "lifestyle" for some Germans. [Business Insider]

Rocky Mountain cheese lovers
As a monster blizzard sweeps through Colorado, a local grocery store employee says residents are quickly emptying the shelves, and that "the cheese wall is hammered." [MSNBC]

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