The video: A newborn lamb is the toast of the village in Velistsikhe, Georgia, for being born with six legs — four in front, two in back — all of which the lamb can at least partially control. It also apparently has both male and female sex organs. "Most probably there were twins, but then the embryos were united," explains veterinarian Otto Zardiashvili. So "we've got a strange lamb." (Watch a video below.) "I have been asking the other shepherds, but none of them remember such case," says lamb owner Albert Abadzhanoz, who has raised sheep for 25 years. "There were three-legged lambs, one-eyed, but not six-legged, bisexual ones."

The reaction: The freakish lamb is cute, but "um, exactly how would a shepherd know his sheep is bisexual?" asks Evan Mulvihill at Queerty. We're going to hope "this is just a bad Google translation of 'hermaphrodite.'" In any case, Abadzhanoz is clearly "over the moon" about his little lamb, says TNT Magazine. If you watch the video, he "grins throughout," though maybe he's just "thinking his new pet will be able to bring him some money somehow." Mutations sure seem common in Georgia, though. Just this month, the Eastern European country has produced a three-legged cat and two-head lamb. Watch Abadzhanaoz show off his cuddly curiosity: