Creative marketing
A group of five Parisians are on their second day of inhabiting a 581-square-foot apartment built by IKEA… inside a Paris Metro station. The stunt aims to show potential IKEA furniture buyers what they can achieve in a small space. [Huffington Post]

Beating the best
A Chinese artist has earned the distinction of being 2011's top earner in the world auction market. Zhang Daqian generated $506 million in auction revenue last year, out-earning both Picasso and Andy Warhol. [Business Insider]

Joining forces
Coming soon to Target: mini Apple stores. The company will open 25 Apple shops within its own outlets as a way "to make the seemingly inaccessible accessible." [Financial Times]


Walking it off
A motorized shoe prototype is unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show. The "spnKiX" shoe is a "cross between a ski boot and a roller skate," and can propel users to speeds of 10 mph. [Death and Taxes]

Putting your heart in someone else's hands
A group of medics in Mexico City accidentally drop a donor heart on the ground shortly before the heart is scheduled to be put into a waiting patient's chest. [Daily Mail]

The real Jerry Maguire
The sports agent who inspired the movie Jerry Maguire files for bankruptcy protection. Leigh Steinberg says he is more than $1.4 million in debt. [Newser]

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