Iconic landscapes
Despite opposition from congressional Republicans, the Obama administration announced a 20-year ban on uranium mining in the Grand Canyon. The ban will protect one million acres of land. [Guardian]

One-stop shopping
Walgreens is opening a flagship store in Chicago that will offer more than your average pharmacy. The store will feature a sushi bar, a smoothie bar, artisanal cheeses, a selection of over 700 fine wines, and a posh beauty department with "specially trained beauty advisers." [Chicago Tribune]

Explaining yourself
After much speculation, the world finally has an explanation for why Beyonce and Jay-Z named their newborn baby "Blue Ivy Carter." [Newser]


Future generations
New analysis projects that today's newborns will have to pay $81,000 for a bachelor's degree from an "average-priced" four-year public university (or $232,000 at an average-priced private university). That's an increase of 167 percent compared to today's costs. [The Daily]

Security threats
With the London Olympics just 200 days away, U.K. police managed to smuggle a fake bomb past security and into Olympic Park. The security systems for this summer's games are estimated to have cost $1.6 billion. [TIME]

Keeping your promises
So much for new beginnings. Today is the day when, statistically, most people will give up their New Year's resolutions, and it's only been nine days. [Daily Mail]

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