Beating border patrol
A Canadian successfully used his iPad, not his passport, to travel between the U.S. and Canada — twice. Martin Reisch apparently forgot his passport on a trip to Quebec, but showed the U.S. border officer a copy of the document saved on his iPad, along with his drivers' license, and was let through. He later used the same method to get back into the U.S. [NPR]

Keeping your vows
Sinead O'Connor recently made headlines for surviving the shortest marriage of 2011, splitting with her husband after only 18 days. Today O'Connor tells Twitter that the marriage is back on, but admits that she and her hubby were a tad reckless. [The Frisky]

A whole new world
Scientists say they have discovered a "lost world" nearly 7,874 feet under Antarctica thriving with unknown species. The researchers were originally examining hydrothermal vents that can reach up to 719 degrees Fahrenheit. [Gizmodo]


Poorly-timed naps
As yesterday's Iowa caucus race dragged on into this morning, the state party headquarters was looking for the one person who could confirm each candidate's vote tally. Unfortunately, the Republican chairwoman was fast asleep in a room without a phone and only awoke when someone came to her house in Clinton County, and pounded on her windows. [National Journal]

Martha Stewart
The Hallmark Channel announced that "The Martha Stewart Show" will end in April due to poor ratings and high production costs. Seemingly piling on, Home Depot says it will no longer sell Martha Stewart Living-branded paint. [New York Post]

Barack Obama
Mexico's acknowledged "leader of sorcery" has predicted that President Obama will not be re-elected in 2012. Antonio Vazquez uses tarot cards and star readings to make his predictions, and boasts a 75-80 percent accuracy rate. [Discovery]

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