In April 2011, Google's Larry Page became CEO of the search giant he co-founded. Now, after just eight months on the job, he's been crowned "CEO of the Year" by Investor's Business Daily. The publication praised Page for boldly shaking up Google's management structure, for leading the company into new social ventures like Google Offers and Google+, and for growing revenue at a record pace. Was the boyish Page really the business world's best head honcho of 2011?

No way: You've got to be "kidding me," says Om Malik at GigaOm. Sure, Android is a "monster hit," but that's largely thanks to Android chief Andy Rubin. Meanwhile, Google's stock price increased just 6.88 percent in 2011. By comparison, Intel was up 16.31 percent, and Qualcomm rose more than 9 percent. It's true that Page made a lot of changes at Google — but "I see a lot of activity, but very few results." Apparently, "we are living in an era where activity counts for achievement."
"Larry Page, CEO of the year? You kidding me?!"

Maybe: To his credit, "Page led Google into social with the launch of Google+ and Google Offers," which has helped Google's revenue increase by 32 and 33 percent in the last two quarters, says Adi Gaskell at Technorati. But that doesn't mean Page clearly deserves this accolade. He's only been in the post since April, and other tech titans, like Apple and Intel, also had great years. Plus, Google has been attracting anti-trust scrutiny and industry criticism for some of its rather "nefarious tactics." That doesn't reflect well on Page. 
"Google CEO Larry Page named boss of the year"

Yes. He deserves it: From launching Google+ to buying Motorola Mobility, "Page has done a number of major things since taking over in April," says Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land. Most importantly, he's helped the company avoid "bureaucratic malaise" by making bold decisions and bringing in new ideas, from restructuring the company to improving marketing campaigns. While many challenges lie ahead, "so far, Page's tenure has been impressive."
"Larry Page 'CEO Of The Year' — Investors Business Daily"