DigiTimes, a website based in Taipei, reported Monday that a new iPad is going into production early next year and set to be released in March or April. The tech world quickly seized on the report. With Christmas less than two weeks away, will these iPad 3 rumors hurt Apple's holiday tablet sales?

They could: "Remember what happened to iPhone 4 sales last summer?" asks Philip Elmer-Dewitt at Fortune. When rumors about the iPhone 5 peaked in mid-July, iPhone 4 sales took a hit as customers held out for the updated model. The same thing could happen to the iPad 2 this holiday season, thanks to these "sales-killing" reports, so analysts have lowered their estimates for iPad 2 sales in the December quarter.
"Is DigiTimes trying to kill the iPad 2's Christmas sales?"

Only techies will hold off for an iPad 3: "For those who want the latest and greatest," an iPad 2 is a lame present this year, says Jeff Haywood at The Grand Rapids Press. Not only is the iPad 3 rumored to be coming in the next few months, but it's also expected to be a major upgrade over previous models, with twice as much screen resolution, a faster processor, and Siri. "That said, most non-geeks will be thrilled to get Apple's tablet this year and likely would not miss any features the next version may get."
"Why iPad 2 makes a bad Christmas gift for geeks"

A dip in Apple's holiday sales would be good for the economy: An iPad 3 release soon after Christmas would be a gift for the economy, says Alexandra Le Tellier in the Los Angeles Times. Most economists say it's better to spread spending throughout the year, so let's hope people do hold off on giving iPads. "Waiting until February would kill three birds with one stone by giving the economy a boost after the holidays, curbing wasteful spending, and ensuring you get (or give) the device you really want."
"Apple iPad 3: A post-holiday gift to the economy?"