On Friday, thousands lined up for the opening of the new Apple store at Grand Central Station in New York City. The new location is one of Apple's largest in the world. Here, a brief numerical guide to the "stunning" new store:

Square footage of the new Apple store at Grand Central Terminal, making it one of the largest Apple stores in the world, and the second-biggest tenant at Grand Central. The largest space is the 25,000-square-foot Oyster Bar & Restaurant.

Employees working in the store

People waiting in line before the store first opened on Friday, according to Apple

People who visited the store on its first day, according to Apple

300 million
People around the world who have visited an Apple store this year, according to Apple

60 million
People who visited Disney's four biggest theme parks last year

$2.5 million
Amount Apple reportedly spent renovating the space at Grand Central
$5 million
Amount Apple reportedly paid to buy out the previous tenant. The restaurant, Metrazur, wasn't due to move out for eight years. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority may have actually ponied up the $5 million, though agency officials insist that the funds came from Apple

More than 400
Percentage increase in annual rent the MTA will reportedly collect from this space now that Apple has replaced Metrazur

Amount per square foot that Apple is paying for the space, according to some reports. That's well below many of Apple's Grand Central neighbors, prompting a probe by the state Assembly. 

 per square foot that Apple is paying, according to Aaron Donovan, an MTA spokesman. Apple is "quadrupling the rent we receive and bringing foot traffic to Grand Central Terminal that will increase revenue from all of our retailers," he says.

Amount per square foot that upscale restaurant Cipriani pays at Grand Central. Apple may be paying a premium rental price because it did not agree to share revenue with the MTA, unlike all of the station's other 99 tenants.

People who are expected to pass by the store each day

$100 million
Sales the new store is expected to net for Apple each year

Percent that Apple's retail sales, not including online sales, increased in 2010

Percentage growth for the overall retail industry during that same period

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