Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

Last week's question: The National Basketball League season is now in serious jeopardy, because billionaire owners and millionaire players can't agree on how to divide hundreds of millions in revenues. Assuming the impasse is eventually resolved, we asked you to rename one of the franchises to reflect the avarice of all involved. 

THE WINNER: New Jersey Net Worths
Joanne Sullivan, Maspeth, NY

Richard A. Patterson, East Lansing, MI
THIRD PLACE: The Milwaukee Even Bigger Bucks
Jim Keenan, Norwalk, CT


Philadelphia .76%ers
Mark Casey, Berkley, MI
Sacramento Kachings
Julio R. Suarez, Plano, TX
Houston Pockets
Michael Grossman, San Dimas, CA

Chicago Bills                      
Myra Gamburg, Lake Forest Park, WA

Cleveland Cavalearjets
PJ Wells, Canton, Oh

Boston Sell-tix
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

Boston Selfish
JoAnne Coakley, Las Cruces, NM

L.A. Takers
Tom Sheppard, Flat Rock, NC

L.A. Rakers
Regina Hanan, San Diego, CA

L.A. Leechers
Gary Hennion, New York, NY

L.A. Looters
Ken Sparks, Weimar, TX

Me-me-me Heat
Janine Witte, New Hope, PA

The Portland Portfolios
John Walsh, Mercer Island, WA

The Cleveland Coveters
Lisa Vold, Newcastle, WA

The Phoenix Sums  
Kimberly Obitz, Phoenix, AZ

The Los Angeles Bankers
Forest Kvasnikoff, Aizpute, Latvia

Greedpay Packers
Richard Wenham, Hoquiam, WA

The New York Bankers
William D. Boye, Gladstone, NJ

Team Madoff
Ronna Edelstein, Pittsburgh, PA