The video: As if finishing Sunday's New York City Marathon wasn't enough for one day, one couple actually got married while running the race. (Watch a video below.) Mary Martin and Raymond Donaldson met while running, so they thought it would be fitting to tie the knot during the famous five-borough race. He wore a vest and bowtie, and she wore an abbreviated wedding dress fashioned from a tennis skirt and runner's top, with a veil on her white baseball cap. As for the man who kept pace with them while officiating the proceedings along mile 22, "he's a minister and he's an Iron Man," says Donaldson. "He's the only [minister] who could actually keep up." After their first sweaty kiss as man and wife, Donaldson and Martin completed the race. (Mary beat Raymond by one second, clocking in at 3:54.25.) The newlyweds leave for an Italian honeymoon Tuesday.

The reaction: That the Donaldsons "looked so pulled together and had enough energy to speak their vows is pretty darn impressive," says Cassie Murdoch at Jezebel. This sweaty ceremony is "not exactly what we'd call 'romantic,'" says Ben Yakas at Gothamist. But kudos to the "crazy, middle-aged lovebirds" for coming up with a wedding that was "definitely memorable." Check it out: