The video: You know how it goes: A youngster tries to teach her elders how to use new technology; the elders remain baffled. In the case of Bruce and Esther Huffman of McMinnville, Ore., the new technology was a webcam on a new laptop, and their struggles to understand it were captured on video. Bruce makes monkey faces and sings a gibberish version of "Hello, My Baby." Esther chuckles and persists. When their granddaughter — who had given them a webcam tutorial days earlier — saw their accidentally recorded laptop-fumbling, she uploaded the video to YouTube. (See the clip below.) Millions of viewers later, the Huffmans are a viral video sensation.

The reaction: "Oh boy, do I love this couple," says Monica Bielanko at Strollerderby. The Huffmans aren't just the "cutest grandparents ever," they also have the "seemingly best marriage ever." Bruce, 86, gets a little flirty while obvious "firecracker" Esther, 79, chews gum and pokes buttons. Bruce and Esther are "right out of adorable 'elderly couple' central casting!" says Grayson Thagard at CNN. Almost suspiciously so, in this "age of 'stealth marketing'." If they're not selling something yet — say, laptops — "I'll bet you they will be soon." Advertisers aren't "going to let that much cuteness go to waste." Check out these lovebirds for yourself: