Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Last week's question:  After a new study found that readers like mystery stories more if they know the end in advance, we asked you to come up with the title of a whodunit that lets readers know exactly what to expect at the end. 

THE WINNER: The Mystery of Colonel Mustard, in the Library, With a Candlestick
Wayne Sauer, Plymouth, MN 55402

SECOND PLACE: Dial M for Murder, H for Husband Gets Caught
Kristin Borsenik, Northville, MI 

THIRD PLACE: The Train Where Everyone Kills the Same Guy
Carrie James, Stanwood, WA


B is for Butler
Damon Sather, Chicago, IL

No Butler Here, Just a Lovable Best Friend
Kathleen Vermaelen, Bayport, NY

Clayton Schulz,Louisville, KY 40220

Norman Bates’ Dead Mom Did It
Tom Haas, Lebanon, PA

The Who Done It 
Stephen Stockebrand, Badger, CA 

Hugh Done It
Bruce Ritberger, Cameron Park, CA

Larry Stole the Money
Andrzej Szczurko, Monroe Twp, NJ

Harold Boggle Is The Killer
Tom White, Manchester, UK

The Holy Grail is a Person
Angela James, Westminster, MD

The Surprise Witness is a Puppy
Mike Paul, Carrboro, NC 

The Postman Kills Twice
Raven Deerwater, Mendocino, CA

The Case of the Wasted $19.95
Samuel Cohn, Austin, TX

A Sled Named Rosebud
David Levin, Edgewater, MD 

Turns Out the Kid Wasn’t in the Balloon
Rick Mayer/Jessica Mayer, Hudson, WI

And Then There Were None, Except Bob
Jacob Osborn, Beverly Hills, CA 

Triple Agent
Jeffrey Hutchins, Black Mountain, NC 28711

The Impatient Heiress
Tom McSweeney, Forestville, CA

Murder She Wrote...and Did
Diana Buirgy, Silt, CO 

How Mean Was My Valet
Peter Greenfield, Los Angeles, CA

Patrick Hoolihan, Davisburg, MI