Last month's series finale of Friday Night Lights was hailed as a "perfect sendoff," and one of the best closing episodes of a television show ever. But it might not have been the end. During a Television Critics Association press tour this week, the show's executive producer, Peter Berg, said he's determined to bring the television show to the multiplex. (The show itself was originally inspired by a movie that was based on a book.) Is another Friday Night Lights movie really a good idea?

No. Don't ruin a great thing: What is Berg thinking? asks Margaret Lyons at New York. While I'd love to spend more quality time with FNL's characters, they've already had a proper sendoff. And — spoiler alert! — given that Coach Taylor moved to Philadelphia in the last episode and that FNL is essentially about Texas football, another film might be tricky. "Friday Night Lights is a national treasure, a fantastic achievement, and a beautiful and haunting exploration of American culture." Let's leave it at that.
"Peter Berg still working on that Friday Night Lights movie"

I, for one, am curious: "On one hand, the series ended so perfectly," says Matt Richenthal at TV Fanatic. "On the other... who could possibly not get excited about more of Coach, Mrs. Coach, clear eyes and really full hearts?" While I'm skeptical as to how the show would translate (back) to the big screen, Berg says he has a fresh take, and, given the quality programming he delivered, I have a lot of faith in him.
"Peter Berg confirms plans for Friday Night Lights movie"

Why stop at another movie? The wisdom of this move all depends on the script, says Jen Chaney at The Washington Post. But, personally, I could watch Coach and Mrs. Coach "do their Eric-and-Tami thing all day long." In fact, perhaps Berg should launch the Coach and Tami Cable Network to let Americans "learn a little something about marriage and compromise by observing the world’s best husband and wife interact 24 hours a day."
"Friday Night Lights the (second) movie: Should it happen?"