Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, the vapid, drama-hungry married couple famous for starring as the "villains" on MTV's hit reality series The Hills, have revealed to The Daily Beast the lengths they went to to stay in the spotlight, and how their zealous pursuit of fame ultimately ruined their lives. They claim that as a result of their involvement with the show (which they say was completely staged), they are out of money (having made and spent millions), have no friends, and are unemployable, since they're nearly universally loathed. Does the sob story drum up any sympathy for the reviled reality stars?

Yes. This is quite sad: The couple's litany of woes will earn them "some probably undeserved sympathy," says Nate Freeman at The New York Observer. That's because the interview reads like The Hill "at its best": Peppered with "moments of depth, insight, and wit." Heidi and Spencer seem to be genuinely aware of what caused their troubles. "We're pulling for you two, really."
"Reality Bites! The sad, broke off-screen life of Spencer and Heidi"

And remember, these two are just kids: Heidi and Spencer may be "fame whores," but any argument over whether their remorse is genuine is unfair, says Lindsay Mannering at The Stir. It seems like they "literally thought they could pretend to be the villainouse Speidi for the rest of their lives and make money doing so." But these two were so young when they made that decision, and now, "the mistakes they made as young-20-somethings on reality TV will haunt them" forever. Surely, they deserve some pity for that.
"Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt admit they're as fake as we thought"

C'mon. These villains got what they deserved: "Too little, too late," says Dodai Stewart at Jezebel. This "pseudo-self-awareness" isn't enlightenment, it's a lamentation that their scheming didn't work out the way they planned. And given the couple's admitted history of lies, you have to wonder: "Are they doing it again?" The pathetic act could be another just career move, and "we are not falling for [it] again."
"Tragic figures Spencer and Heidi give tragic interview about tragic lives"