Today's unlikely question: Is Chris Brown the next Hugh Grant? The singer, who made headlines in 2009 for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna, is set to star in the big screen adaptation of Steve Harvey's novel Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, a romantic comedy about "love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment." Though Brown has been trying to repair his reputation, the casting is puzzling critics, who wonder how moviegoers could possibly get the "warm, fuzzy rom-com feeling" from a man convicted of domestic violence. Is this "questionable" casting, or a brave step for someone who's trying to move on?

"How does this guy keep getting work?": Who better to fill the role of a desirable leading man "than America's favorite convicted felon?" says Kelly Schremph at Given the amount of bad press Brown got after his altercation with Rihanna, he "should be treated like a leper." Yet the opposite keeps happening. "Even Justin Bieber is working with him!" Casting Brown in a romantic comedy, however, may be going too far. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man sounds like a "blockbuster bust."
"Chris Brown to star in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man"

Well, Brown still has plenty of fans: Despite the "questionable choices" Brown has made since the incident with Rihanna — breaking a window at Good Morning America and tweeting a homophobic rant, for example — "his legions of fans are there to support him," says Drew Grant at Salon. While the juxtaposition of Brown's name with the words "romantic" and "comedy" may turn off many people, Brown's fans habitually "defend him to their dying breaths." This movie will be no different.
"Chris Brown's romantic comedy debut"

And this could be just what the singer needs: With roles in films like Stomp the Yard and This Christmas, Brown has proven himself "eager" to transition into film, says Scott Shetler at PopCrush, even if his history of tantrums and domestic violence has made that shift understandably difficult. This role would "give him a chance to show a more sensitive side," something that might help audiences look past his previous scandals, and embrace Chris Brown the Movie Star.
"Chris Brown to star in Steve Harvey film, Think Like a Man"