The photo: Harry Potter fans are preparing to say their anxious goodbyes to the wizarding series this weekend, as the final Potter movie hits theaters. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two has already racked up $25 million in ticket pre-sales in the U.S. alone. But though Harry has no shortage of crazed admirers, Tom Pearcy, a farmer in York, England, might just be the craziest. Pearcy carved not one, but two football field–sized portraits of the young wizard into a corn field, creating a maze that doubles as what he calls the largest Potter images ever. (See the photo below) "I wanted to do something imaginative to say farewell to Harry," Pearcy says humbly.

The reaction: "Even the most obsessed Harry Potter fans will have to give it up" for Pearcy, says JJ Duncan at Zimbio. If you're jealous you didn't think of this first, don't worry: The door is still open for those keen to carve giant corn portraits of Hermione or Ron. Pearcy's masterpiece is "really amazing," says Dan Hopper at Best Week Ever, whether you're a Potter fan "or just a fan of people devoting countless hours to ultimately meaningless but very cool-looking causes." And if "growing a massive million-plant Harry Potter corn maze" strikes you as inadequately obsessive, note that Pearcy's dual images are subtly, intentionally different, making them the world's largest "spot the difference" game, too. Check it out:

(Bethany Clarke/Getty Images)