The video: The first teaser for The Iron Lady, which stars Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher, hit the web Thursday. (Watch the video below.) The overwhelming response: "Should we just hand Meryl Streep another Academy Award now?" When the film, which will be released in December, was announced, Oscar prognosticators predicted that Streep and this strong role — the polarizing first female Prime Minister of England — could be the perfect combination. And in this first glimpse, at least — in which advisers fuss over the young Thatcher's appearance, only to be told firmly by the budding politician that her pearls are "absolutely non-negotiable" — Streep's performance is being hailed as "flawless."

The reaction: "You may smell something when you view the clip," says Jen Chaney at The Washington Post. "It's called the scent of a potential Academy Award nomination for Best Actress." Would you expect anything less from the woman who's already piled up a record 16 nominations over her storied career? Hold on, says Oliver Lyttelton at Indie Wire. Streep's take on Thatcher is too "glib" and "silly." Her Thatcher seems more a mix of her Lemony Snicket character "with a sprinkling of Julia Child" than an embodiment of the forceful politician. Judge for yourself: