The image: Turbo Tango, the "world's first" aerosol soft drink, has arrived. The "soft drink–meets–squirty cream" appears to be an orange-flavored quasi-beverage that, when held upright and squirted into your mouth, becomes foam. Britvic, the beverage company behind the innovation, brought together 40 developers to design and perfect the drink's "dewey goodness." The fizzy foam was reportedly so successful in testing that teenagers wanted to buy it right out of the lab. Which is why, perhaps, the company's marketing material features an incredibly happy young man spraying this "ridiculous" product into his mouth. (See the image below.) Unfortunately, this joyful experience will only be available to teens in the U.K., where Turbo Tango will begin retailing at about $2.50 per bottle.

The reaction: This is just what we lethargic drinkers have been looking for, says Chris Davies at Slash Gear. It's perfect for those moments when you're thirsty but can't be bothered to "marshal your lazy, rubbery lips into clinging to the rim of a glass or can." But surely, we can only go downhill from here, says Evan Ackerman at DVICE. The very existence of Turbo Tango "opens up some intriguing (and gross) possibilities" in which this orange, sticky mess ends up everywhere but someone's mouth. "My guess is that actually drinking this stuff is not going to be the top priority of anyone who buys it." Behold, Turbo Tango:


(Courtesy Britvic)