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Results: After Sarah Palin trademarked her name so that only she can profit from her fame, we asked you for one sentence or phrase other politicians might trademark so they’d get royalties every time it was used.

THE WINNER: I apologize to the voters, my colleagues, my family, but most importantly, to my wife

Andrew Dick, Seymour, IN

SECOND PLACE: This is a partisan witch hunt
Larry & Luann Bonier, Jamestown, RI
THIRD PLACE: September 11th
Stephanie Patterson, Wooster, OH


I misspoke
Todd S. Hyatt, North Grafton, MA

I did not knowingly say that
Bob Setterberg, Portland, OR

Mistakes were made
Rob James, San Francisco

Let me be absolutely clear
Brian McKenna, Tucson, AZ

Actually, I was for it before I was against it
Richard Lee, Bal Harbour, FL

This is a partisan witch hunt
Larry & Luann Bonier, Jamestown, RI

I did not have sex with that woman
Bruce Cantin, Fair Lawn, NJ

I did not have sext with that woman
Greg Anderson, The Woodlands, TX

I’m stepping down to spend more time with my family
Mike Paul, Carrboro, NC

For this problem, I am entering myself into treatment
David Levin, Edgewater, Md 

We request that the media respect the privacy of me and my family as we work through these difficult times
Scott D. Young, Delmar, NY

We're going to move forward
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA

I promise to not run a negative campaign
Greg Brent, Colorado Springs, CO

I promise to represent YOU, the constituent, the little guy, the hardworking backbone of this great democracy, and to stand up to big money interests and politics as usual!
Corey Stewart, Brooklyn

God has talked to me
Jennifer Joos, Waukesha WI

I never would have voted for that bill if I knew then what I know now
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

That’s not why I came to Washington
Rodney Clements, La Verne, CA

Chances are, we think alike.
Burt Elliott, Aberdeen, SD

My account was hacked
James Brown, New York City

I am fighting for you
Hoyt Jones, Oxford, MI

I'm glad you asked that question
Karen Milliorn, Las Cruces, NM

I am entering rehab
Jim Diestel, San Ramon, CA

To the best of my recollection…
Michael Coleman, Greenville, SC

I will reach across the aisle
Jerry Sagen, Eugene, OR

Louis A. Bertolotti, Tenafly, NJ

Who, me?
Judy Martins, Gainesville, VA

Honey it's nothing, she's only an intern
Jim Lancaster, Atlanta, GA
I am not a politician
Ken Hasenbank, South Berwick, ME

Senator, I can neither confirm nor deny that
Rod Kelley, Topeka, KS

I will no longer be running for president
Vince DeBruyn, Clinton Township, MI

I didn't do it
Kyle Prendergast, Catonsville, MD

It was like that when I got here
Dylan Joss, Anaheim, CA

I care about our seniors
Angela James, Westminster, MD

There’s a war on Christmas!!
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD

No comment
Andrew Caldwell, Farmington, NM