The video: Joplin, Mo., is reeling from a devastating tornado that left at least 89 people dead and "cut the city in half" on Sunday night. One YouTube user was huddled in the back of a gas station with several other people when the twister hit, and he recorded the whole thing. (Watch below.) In the video, people can be heard whimpering in fear as the wind howls. Soon, the tornado hits full-force, blowing glass out of windows and sending debris crashing. Loud prayers shouted by the victims can (barely) be heard. When the wind dies down, people comfort one another, cry, and give thanks for their survival. The YouTube user behind the video, identified only as "izelsg," apologizes on his channel for the lack of visuals, but says "the audio is pretty telling of how intense the storm was."

The reaction: If you ever wondered what it was like to be in a tornado, "this YouTube video may tell you more than you want to know," says Vlae Kershner in the San Francisco Chronicle. Indeed, mere "words can't describe the frightening experience this video captures," says The Huffington Post. And the fact that you can't see anything makes the audio even more horrifying. This clip perfectly captures "the power and fury of the Joplin tornado," says Bailey Johnson at CBS News. "Our heart goes out to all the survivors and victims of this massive tragedy." Have a listen: