Judges: Columnist of the Year

Sir Harold Evans
The former editor of The Sunday Times and The Times of London, Evans is the author of two histories, The American Century and They Made America, and most recently, his memoir, My Paper Chase. He is editor-at-large of The Week.

William Falk
Falk is editor-in-chief of The Week. He’s been a reporter, editor, and columnist at several newspapers, including Newsday, where he shared a Pulitzer Prize for reporting.

Margaret Carlson
A columnist for Bloomberg News and a frequent contributor to MSNBC, Carlson is Washington editor-at-large of The Week. Before joining Bloomberg in 2005, she covered four presidential campaigns for TIME magazine.

Tom Goldstein
A professor at the University of California at Berkeley, Goldstein is a former dean of the journalism schools at Berkeley and Columbia University.


Judges: Blogger of the Year

James Graff
Graff is executive editor of The Week. He spent most of his previous career with TIME, where he worked as bureau chief in Ottawa, Vienna, Chicago, Brussels, and Paris, and as a senior editor in London. In 2009, he moved to New York to be world editor at AOL News.

Ezra Klein
Winner of The Week’s Blogger of the Year award in 2010, Klein writes on economic policy, collapsing banks, health care reform, and other topics for The Washington Post. He was previously an associate editor at The American Prospect.

Megan McArdle
McArdle is the business and economics editor for The Atlantic. She has worked at three start-ups, an investment bank, a disaster-recovery firm at Ground Zero, and The Economist.

Steve Benen
The lead blogger for The Washington Monthly’s Political Animal, Benen previously served as editor of The Carpetbagger Report. His articles and editorials have appeared in such publications as The Washington Monthly, The American Prospect, and The Gadflyer.

Judges: Cartoonist of the Year

The editors of The Week.