The video: Last Wednesday, a Milwaukee woman gave birth to a "ginormous" baby. Jordan Tucker tipped the scales at 12.5 pounds and measured 23 1/2 inches long, making him the largest newborn most of the hospital staff had ever seen. A typical newborn weighs 7.5 pounds and is 20 inches long. (See a local news report on this big baby below.) Jordan, who was delivered through a caesarean section just one week past his due date, is the size of your average 4-month-old, and is already too big for some of his clothes. "Never saw a baby that size before," Jordan's father, James Tucker, said. "Kinda shocked me a little bit, but as long as he was healthy, that's all that mattered."
The reaction: Wow, "I can't imagine giving birth to a 12-pound baby," says Danielle Sullivan at Babble. "It's possible that in 17 or 18 years, Green Bay might just have a strapping, star linebacker on their hands." Yeah, "this is one of those times when you stop and say, 'Why are babies so big today???'" says April Peveteaux at The Stir. Although, the doctor that delivered Jordan said he hadn't seen such a big baby since 1978, "so there were clearly some giant kiddos being born in Milwaukee back in the '70s." Watch a local news report on this big baby, below: