"Career day sure isn't what it once was." That's what one unnamed parent said after her child's elementary school in Henrico, Va., featured a presentation by a local plastic surgeon who brought in breast implants for the kids to touch. The incident at Shady Grove Elementary School outraged many parents and has attracted international attention. Are breast implants at career day really such a big deal?

This is appalling: "I hate the idea that these children are learning — as part of their school curriculum, no less — that some women are so dissatisfied with their bodies that they feel the need to surgically alter themselves," says Rebecca Odes at Babble. These elementary school girls likely don't even have breasts yet, but the "ground is fertile to plant the seed of dissatisfaction. Feeling flat-chested? There's always the option of implants!"
"Kids play with breast implants at career day"

A plastic surgeon has no place at career day: "Call me crazy, but maybe a dietitian would be a better influence on today's kids than a man who believes most women need a bigger bra," says George Mathis in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Students say the local plastic surgeon comes every year and gives an informative presentation, but come on. "Not every profession needs to be represented at school career day."
"School kids play with artificial on career day"

Everyone, please relax: Yes, the doctor should have realized these students were a bit young for such a hands-on lesson, says plastic surgeon Dr. Roy Kim on his website. But these kids have already been exposed to sex and "unattainable body image" — they "probably see more silicone on TV before breakfast" than they did at career day. And really, would it be so bad if some of these kids grew up to be plastic surgeons? I thought having a doctor in the family was a good thing!
"Breast implant at career day voted way cooler than accountant dad's calculator"