The video: In a "remarkable," "heart-warming," story that's emerged from the Japanese disaster, a dog missing since the tsunami was rescued by a boat last Friday, more than a mile off the Japanese coast, as it clung to life atop the remains of a house. It's unknown how the stranded "tsunami dog" managed to survive for more than three weeks or how long he was at sea. When rescued, the dog didn't have tags, but its owner saw a TV news report and "immediately recognized her pup." On Monday, owner and dog, a 2-year-old mixed breed named Ban, were joyously reunited. Watch the amazing rescue and reunion, below.
The reaction:
"Awwww," I know this dog is "not as important" as the 18,000 humans missing and presumed dead in Japan, says Maureen O'Connor at Gawker, but "there is very little good news coming out of Japan right now," so it's nice to have "this one floppy-eared snuggle-puff of joy." Certainly, this offers hope that more of the missing might still be alive, says Charlie White at Mashable. "If a dog can stay alive under these conditions, couldn't a human?" See for yourself: