Rebecca Black has drawn plenty of scorn for her headache-inducing single "Friday," which took the internet by storm last week. (See the painfully catchy video below.) But as much as her detractors may hate to admit it, the media glare surrounding the 13-year-old singer has produced at least one notable benefit: It's making her some serious money. Between her single's ascendancy on iTunes and its mega-popularity on YouTube, "Friday" is proving that a bad song can make very good money. Here's a look at the windfall, by the numbers:

Amount Black's mother paid to ARK Music Factory, a vanity recording outfit, to produce the video

Number of YouTube views for Black's video as of this writing

Number of views for
Justin Bieber's "Baby," the current record-holder

2 to 1
Odds the British betting agency Ladbrokes offers for "Friday" to become the most-viewed YouTube video ever

Rough amount, in dollars, that YouTube grosses per 1,000 pageviews, based on 2010 numbers

68 percent
Amount of that YouTube ad revenue that goes to "content creators"

What Black and ARK music factory have made from YouTube so far

1,300 percent
Return on Black's initial investment, based on YouTube income alone

Where Black's single falls on the iTunes chart as of Wednesday

70 cents
Amount iTunes pays for each single sold

Number of times "Friday" was downloaded last week, according to Billboard

Number of downloads for Adele, the #1 artist for the week

Amount Billboard estimates Black is making a week on iTunes royalties

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