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Results: A book titled What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex has become a bestseller in England. It consists of 200 blank pages. We asked you to predict the follow-up blank book for women.

THE WINNER: What Women Think of Men Who Think of Nothing But Sex
Lisa Schrader, Woodstock, CT
SECOND PRIZE: Everything Women Need to Know to Get Men into Bed
Sandra Stephens, Decatur, GA
THIRD PRIZE: All the Things I Would Not Change About the Man in My Life
Julie Williams, Lakeland, FL

Bachelor Parties Ideas That Women Like
John Barczyk, Rochester, Michigan

What Oprah Can't Fix
Maya Lopez, Gilbert, AZ

How Every Woman Can Attract a Man, Apart From Using Sex
Emerson Hall, Winston, OR

Things Woman Forget About Their Husband's Past
Brian Rhoads, West Chester, OH

The Complete List of Available Wealthy Handsome Committed and Funny Bachelors
Miles Klein, Frisco, TX

Men’s Fraternity Buddies and Why Women Love Them
Larry Fish, New York City

Everything Men Know about Women
Mike Paul, Carrboro, NC

A Working Mom's Guide to Free Time
Jeannine Bahm, Lebanon, OH

Wrestling Programs Women Adore
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA 20147

What Every Woman Secretly Desires from Gilbert Gottfried
Frank Letchworth, Knoxville TN

What Every Woman Thinks She's Wrong About
Edward M. Gurowitz, Incline Village, NV

Things My Husband Does Around the House
Wendy McArdle, Burlingame, CA

The Things Women Don't Want to Change About Their Husbands
Alan Parven, Commerce Twp, MI

Things That Just Aren't Worth Complaining About
Shawn Lopez, Gilbert, AZ

Why I Love My Butt and Thighs
Sandi Meyer, Carlsbad, CA

Items Women Think They Already Own Enough Of
Lisa Adams, Darien CT

Proven Ways of Getting Your Guy's Attention During March Madness
Richard Shuntich, Richmond, KY

Best Women's Essays on the Genius of The Three Stooges
Mark Miller, Los Angeles

Fart Jokes All Women Love
Janna Doherty, Scotts Valley, CA

Shoe Sales I Have Missed
Bill Pike, Oviedo, FL