Talk show host Larry King left CNN in December after 25 years and countless amusing interviews with celebrities and newsmakers. But the septuagenarian might not be done with television for good. The New York Post reports that King is in talks to join "The Daily Show" as a regular contributor. Is King really a good fit for Jon Stewart's show?

This is not as crazy as it sounds: This is "hard to digest upon first hearing," says Mikey O'Connell at Zap2it. But, once you think about it, it starts to make sense. King never said he was retiring when he left CNN, and he has always had an interest in comedy. Heck, he's already planning to embark on a stand-up tour this year. Why not join Comedy Central, too?
"Larry King in talks to join 'Daily Show,' self-parody gods smile"

And it could actually be great: King would bring some credibility and a "serious 'wtf?' factor" to "The Daily Show," says Mack Rawden at Cinema Blend. And the gig would keep King relevant. "He has a sharp sense of humor, is more than willing to poke fun at himself and would be perfect for infrequent from-the-field reports." I really hope this happens.
"Larry King in talks to join 'The Daily Show'"

No, no, no: I'm sure King would give "The Daily Show" a ratings boost, says Kelsea Stahler at, but I just don't think of him as a comedian. And, "at heart, 'The Daily Show' is a comedy show about politics, not a political show that uses humor to sell its message." That's an important distinction, and I fear bringing King aboard will muddy the waters.
"Larry King: 'Daily Show' correspondent?"