The video: For those who aren't up to speed on making lo mein, a new robot can help. Robo-Chef, a $10,900 machine from Japanese company MIK, can automatically cook up dishes like fried rice and stir-fried vegetables. Just toss in the ingredients and Robo-Chef stirs and mixes them in the wok, so there's no need to shake the heavy pan yourself. (See a video below.) MIK says its device makes it possible for anyone to "cook Chinese cuisine with no training."
The reaction: This is godsend for "those who love Chinese food, but hate paying take-out prices," says TechWorld. Though in a way, Robo-Chef just speeds our descent into a strange sort of irrelevancy, says Paula Forbes at Eater. "Do we even need humans to have a successful restaurant any more?" Watch a video of the magic wok: