The internet was ablaze Friday with rumors that McDonald's was considering a nationwide rollout of its fabled "McLobster" sandwich, a fishy snack said to be available only in eastern Canada and New England at certain times of the year. Alas, the fast food giant disappointed shellfish fans by quickly denying the rumors. Is the dream really dead?

I'd love to try a McLobster: This could actually work, says Brooklyn Supper at Babble. The success of KFC's Double Down proved that Americans like novelty foods, and lobster is no longer the luxury item it once was. "Prices have really come down in recent years." Color me "intrigued" at the prospect.
"Is the legendary McLobster for real?"

Why go to McDonald's for a lobster roll? There's a reason why the McLobster is only available in Canada and New England, says David Woods at Manolith. Those are the only places lobster is "somewhat abundant and affordable." Gourmet fans can still head to the east coast to pick up a lobster roll at many other restaurants. "McDonald's didn't invent the idea of slathering lobster meat in mayonnaise and slapping it on a hot dog bun."
"Don't expect the McLobster at a McDonalds near you"

There are plenty of other McOptions for a comeback: It's not hard to think of a "better candidate for an online revival," says Mark Weisblott at Yahoo! Canada. What about the short-lived McPizza, which was available in Canada during the 1990s? Or perhaps Canada's national dish of poutine, available at McD's in Quebec or New Brunswick? For even wilder ideas, perhaps head to Indonesia, where "McSpaghetti, McSoup and McRice" are reportedly on the menu.
"McDonald's dashes sudden hope of a national rollout of McLobster"