The video: Nintendo has released a mischievous commercial for We Dare, a video game for the Wii system that dares players as young as 13 to canoodle, spank each other and even strip. (See a phallic-symbol-littered video promo below.) Nintendo says its "sexy, quirky party game" is aimed at young adults, but some parents, reports The Daily Mail, are worried it could lead to "orgies and underage sex." The game, unavailable in the U.S. but set to hit Europe on March 11, will be on sale to anyone age 12 or older — much to the chagrin of British moms and dads. "The video pretty much shows [players] swapping partners [and] girl-on-girl kissing," said outraged parent Laura Pearson, of Birmingham in the U.K. "That kind of thing is not something that young teenagers should be exposed to."
The reaction:
"Thin is the line between party and sex party," says Chris Matyszczyk at CNET. And this game comes perilously close to crossing it. Fortunately, We Dare will only be available in Europe for the foreseeable future. No doubt the designers felt it offered "the sort of fun a fundamentalist wouldn't appreciate." Although this clip looks like "a trailer for a bad Skinemax movie," says Evan Narcisse at TIME, the entertainment on offer looks decidedly tame. We think "the only walk of shame" you'll risk with We Dare "will be the one home, if you actually buy it." Watch a mildly NSFW trailer for We Dare here: