Pulitzer Prize-winning conservative columnist Kathleen Parker has left the struggling CNN show "Parker Spitzer," which she co-hosted with former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat. Rumors about her departure began circulating in January, just three months after the political talk show launched. With ratings lagging, CNN plans to take the show in a "new direction," keeping Spitzer on, and relaunching the program as "In the Arena." Was Parker unfairly blamed for the failure of the critically panned "Parker Spitzer"?

Yes, this reeks of sexism: "Let's face it, CNN has a women problem," says Amy Siskind at The Huffington Post. Seven anchors left the cable news network last year, and five were women. And now we're supposed to believe that Parker, and not her "obnoxious," spotlight-hogging, prostitution-scandal-plagued co-host, was the one holding back their flailing show. Parker's apparently forced exit has "the stench of sexism."
"Did sexism fell Kathleen Parker?"

CNN had to make a change: The bottom line is "Parker Spitzer" didn't work, says Lacey Rose in The Hollywood Reporter. The ratings were dismal, and the duo "failed to gin up the sort of buzz the news operation longs for." Now Parker can get back to what she does best — writing — and CNN can try finding a formula that clicks.
"Kathleen Parker out at CNN's 'Parker Spitzer'"

Parker should count herself lucky: "Parker Spitzer" was one of those lousy ideas that never should have been greenlighted, says Jen Chung at Gothamist. Now that Parker has put herself out of her Spitzer-induced "misery," she can get on with her life. Plus, Parker now gets the pleasure of watching her "hooker-loving" former co-host sink on his own.
"CNN frees Kathleen Parker from Eliot Spitzer misery"