The video: A group of dolphins is being credited with saving a lost dog on Marco Island, Fla. An 11-year-old Doberman named Turbo escaped from the yard of owner Cindy Burnett on Sunday night and ended up dog-paddling in a nearby canal. The dog had been missing for 15 hours when neighbors were alerted to its struggle in the water by a pod of dolphins, which were swimming with Turbo and splashing loudly. Burnett understandably called the dolphin-aided rescue "a miracle."
The reaction: "Things very well could have ended much differently for Turbo," says Penny Eims at, "if not for the help of some caring friends." You might think that the neighbors actually saved the dog, especially since "all the dolphins did was splash," says Nick Green at The Village Voice. "But you are wrong. The dolphins saved the dog and it was adorable. End of story." Watch a video report about the dolphin rescue: