The video: Meet Smokey, the world's loudest cat. The clamorous kitty's owners, Ruth and Mark Adams of Northampton in the U.K, claim her purring regularly reaches 92 decibels — the same volume as a lawnmower, a hairdryer, or even a descending Boeing 737, as heard from the ground. The Adams say Smokey's ear-perforating purrs drown out the television when she is in the room, and make it difficult to use the telephone. "She even manages to purr while she eats," said Ruth Adams. "The only time she is quiet is when she is asleep." The family has submitted an application to the Guinness World Records to make Smokey's title official. A Guinness spokesperson said: "If Smokey the cat is able to purr over 80db, it would be an astonishing feat."
The reaction:
Prolonged exposure to anything over 95 db can cause hearing loss, notes Jordan Yerman at Now Public. "That is a very loud cat." It might be very tempting to encourage such a noisy feline to shut up, says Pete Wedderburn at The Daily Telegraph. But listening to it could be good for you, if holistic healers are to believed. The vibrations from a cat's purr can supposedly "improve bone density and promote healing." Perhaps Smokey should offer her services for a fee: "'Purr therapy', only £50 a session, anyone?" Listen to Smokey roar here: