Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Results: In a new book, Reality is Broken, a game designer says the real world would work better if it were more game-like. So we asked for a video game version of your job.

THE WINNER: Angry Nerds
Jeffrey Contompasis, Ashburn, VA
SECOND PLACE: Boss Evasion
Mike Alman, Las Vegas
THIRD PLACE: Call of Laundry Duty: Black Socks
Meg Jones, Fairfield, CT


Dungeons & Sales Reps
Joel V. Harvey, Lawrenceburg, TN

World of Bore-Craft
Mike Paul, Carrboro, NC

Paycheck Quest
Gary Hennion, New York City

Spreadsheet Hero
Leah Kenyon, Washington, DC

Work Work Evaluation
Wes Edens, Glendale, AZ

Pac Mom
Judith O’Day, Olema, CA

Donkey Mom
Helen Wheatley, Olympia, WA

Stay-at-Home Mom: Call of Doody
Tracey Bang, Westerville, OH

Will Sagar, Brevard, NC

I've Got a Secret (Second Job)
Edmund Conti, Raleigh, NC

Who Wants to be an English Teacher?
Stuart Jay Silverman, Hot Springs, AR

SmartBoard Jungle
Ann Martin, Berkshire, UK

Madden-ing 2011
Ashley Ryan, Catonsville, MD

Wii Daydream
Les Ackland, Oakdale, PA

Hygiene Mismatch
Mike Paul, Carrboro, NC

Call of Duty: World at Wall Street
Bhairav Mehta, Matawan, NJ

Hunt for a Job: Level 2 — The Older Worker
Melody Stewart, Playa Vista, CA

Game Over (Unfortunately, the game for > 9% of the workforce)
W. Williams, Largo, FL